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The fLoPpY Hat

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on June 30, 2008


Most of you girls don’t wear hats, but once you see this one, you will be dying to get a hat. Floppy hats are really high fashion. If you see models on the runway, a lot of them are wearing floppy hats, like on the DKNY runway. Floppy hats are not only adorable, but they are also sun resistant. They have huge protectors so you won’t get sun burnt. Floppy hats can be worn to the beach, a beach party, or even a runway show. Black is the most sophisticated color of this kind of hat that you can get. This is one of the times where black, rather than a bright color, is a better choice. There is a little bow around the hat which makes it so much more feminine. Almost all of the celebs have hats like these and are loving them! Get them cheap at Forever 21.

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  1. Aliza said, on March 16, 2010 at 5:39 am

    i love floppy hats. i am looking forward for some of them.

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