Fashion Update

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Photo 142Picture 1 is a great sight for all fashion lovers! is a place to express your own personal style. This is how it works. You put on an outfit from your closet that you really love, or just your fashionable work clothes, and get someone to take a editorial/high fashion picture of you. You then upload the image to your computer, edit it on lookbook, and then publish it so everyone can see your great style! You can comment on other people’s photos. There’s a bunch of cool things you can do on this site. The picture on the left is actually a picture of me that I posted onto lookbook! I have my own account and I absolutely love the website.

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Silence & Noise Tiered Faux Leather Skirt

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The Silence & Noise Tiered Faux Leather Skirt from Urban Outfitters is very high fashion. Black leather skirts paired with floral tops is the style right now. I love this skirt so much because it looks great with anything! I also love how it is high waisted. If you are shopping and want to buy a skirt, I highly recommend getting a leather skirt. They are the thing to wear right now. You will look totally stylish in one of them.

Cupcake Dress

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The Cupcake Dress from Urban Outfitters is absolutely adorable and high fashion! The colors on the dress look like they are meant for Spring, but you could definitely wear this dress throughout the summertime also. Once again, you see florals being used. Florals are so in-style right now! This outfit can only be purchased online, so make sure you click on the link to the website! I highly recommend this dress!

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Frye Erin Lace Boot

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Boots are very in style right now, especially this kind! The Frye Erin Lace Boot from Urban Outfitters is so high fashion. If you are going to buy any pair of boots, these are the ones to get. I really love the lace-ups and how the shoe is leather and suede! It’s a very original look. These boots look great with a lot of things like a high waist skirt, a pair of jeans, or a pair of high waist jean shorts! I highly recommend purchasing these boots or ones like them.

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The Vestedd boots from Steve Madden are so fashionable. They are very “vintage-looking” which is in style right now. Short or long cowboy boots are in style. Cowboy boots look really great with some black tights, a black high waist skirt, a shirt, and a jacket. This is a very high fashion look. You could also throw these boots on with a pair of jeans and a top. The boots come in three different colors: Black distressed, cognac, and grey leather. I really like these boots and I think I might get a pair myself!


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The Boogle sandals from Steve Madden are absolutely adorable! I especially love the studs and little designs on them. They come in four different colors: Black, blue suede, brown suede, taupe suede. They are very high fashion and would look great with a black high waisted skirt. Just imagine how boring the sandals would be without the studs! I have some studded sandals and I wear them all of the time. I really hope you get these sandals or something like them because they are great!

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Butterscotch Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer

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The Butterscotch Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer from J. Crew is absolutely adorable! Blazers are so in style, even for girls! You can make them look girly by adding a cute top and some fun jewelry. Blazers are more for the fall and winter seasons, but you could wear one in the summer if you’d like because they will never go out of style! This is a great buy from J. Crew!

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Levi’s 501 Cutoff Short

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What’s in style for this summer? High waist cutoff jean shorts. Everyone is wearing them this summer. I recommend the Levi’s 501 Cutoff Short from Urban Outfitters. They are so adorable and fashionable. They are very cute because they are in a light wash, and they are a little bit torn up. These jean shorts give off a sort of relaxed beachy vibe. And if you don’t want to spend money on jean shorts, just cut a pair of old jeans and make them into shorts! They’ll look adorable! I highly recommend purchasing these high waist cutoff jean shorts or making your own pair!

Deena & Ozzy Door Knocker Purse

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The Deena & Ozzy Door Knocker Purse from Urban Outfitters is such an adorable and high fashion bag. I absolutely love the chain on the purse and the door knocker. Long strap purses are very in style, and this one happens to have a long strap. This is a great purse and would look good with pretty much any outfit because it is black, and black matches with almost everything. I have a purse just like this in brown and I use it all the time. This purse is adorable and small, so you don’t have to drag around a huge tote bag. I highly recommend this bag.

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BDG Burnout Floral Tee

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Florals, florals, florals! I can’t say it enough! Floral anything is the thing to buy! The BDG Burnout Floral Tee from Urban Outfitters is so high fashion, I love it so much! The pattern on the shirt is marvelous. I also love how it is loose so you can wear it untucked over a pair of jeans, or you can wear it tucked in to a high-waist skirt. I think that this shirt would look better paired with a high waist skirt, or shorts, preferably black. I love this shirt and I highly recommend it!