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Tote Bags

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on June 10, 2010


TOTE TOTE TOTE TOTE TOTE! As you can see, tote bags are in for this summer! Any kind of big bag with buckles and zippers and accessories is great for this summer. These days, people carry a lot of junk around. So why not carry around your stuff in something big and stylish? Why not make a statement? Light colored totes such as beige, light yellows, oranges, greens, blues, browns or anything else you can think of are great for the summer. The tote bag shown above from is from Urban Outfitters. It’s great because it truly is a huge bag, it has a ton of zippers, buckles, belts, and accessories that make it stylish and perfect for summer. If you don’t have a tote, you need to get one for summer 2010!

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