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Classic pavé link bracelet from J. Crew

Posted in Accessories, jewelry by xojesssxo29 on June 11, 2011

The Classic pavé link bracelet from J. Crew is a very elegant and trendy bracelet. Simple and bold jewelry is definitely popular right now. This bracelet alone would look great with a simple pair of jeans and a clean blouse. In fashion, sometimes simple is better. I love how this bracelet links. It is very shiny and sparkly and will definitely stand out with any outfit. I definitely recommend purchasing a bold piece of jewelry this summer, like this.

Anchor twist charm by Tiffany&Co.

Posted in Accessories, jewelry by xojesssxo29 on June 9, 2011


Although the Anchor twist charm by Tiffany&Co. may be on the expensive side, it is definitely the perfect charm for this summer. There is no better symbol for summer and the ocean than an anchor. The twist detail around the anchor makes the charms very feminine and unique. The gold charm is 18k, which is more expensive, and the silver charm is sterling silver and is less expensive. If you can only splurge on one piece of jewelry this summer, I recommend you spend your money on one of these charms because they are gorgeous! 

Filigree leaves dangling indie earrings by Violet Bella

Posted in Accessories, jewelry by xojesssxo29 on June 9, 2011

The Filigree leaves dangling indie earrings by Violet Bella found at Ruche are great earrings for this summer. I love the simplicity and neutrality of the leaves with the pop of color from the teal glass bead. These are great for a day or night occasion and would look very trendy with a maxi dress and wedges. These bohemian styled earrings are the perfect accessory for this summer!

Cooperative Mini Flap Kisslock Wallet

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on August 28, 2010

The Cooperative Mini Flap Kisslock Wallet is a great little accessory to have. When you don’t have room to carry around a huge purse, you can carry this adorable little wallet. This floral pattern is stylish and will look great with any outfit. This mini wallet has a bunch of pockets to put your money, credit cards, and anything else you have. Get this mini wallet soon so you don’t have to carry a big purse around everywhere you go!


Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on June 13, 2010

silver gold

Bangles have been a very popular accessory for many years. Bangles are a fun and feminine accessory that can be worn with almost everything. That’s one reason why they are so great; they can be used over and over with any outfit. Bangles can be a plain color, or they can have designs on them like the ones shown above from Lulu’s. I like the ones that have small designs because they add a little more to the outfit. Bangles can be worn with dresses, shorts, jeans, pants, leggings, or any other outfit. They are a great accessory if you cannot find any other jewelry.

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Summer Sunglasses

Posted in Accessories, sunglasses by xojesssxo29 on June 10, 2010

glasses sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses for summer, and we’ve got just the pair for you. These round shades from Spanish Moss (on the left) are very in-style for this summer! These glasses are popping up on runways everywhere. All the celebrities are wearing these glasses this summer, and you should be too! However, if you have a rounder face, I would recommend wayfarers or something more square. The sunglasses on the right are from Topshop, but unfortunately they are out of stock. But keep checking their website ( to see if they get more! Round/tortoise-shell sunglasses are very Audrey Hepburn who was a style icon. So get your own pair today and maybe you could become a style icon yourself!

Riding Cap With Clasp

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on August 7, 2009


The Riding Cap With Clasp from Urban Outfitters is such a fashionable cap. This hat works better in the fall or winter in colder places like Chicago and New York because it is made of wool. I love this hat because the round shape of it makes it look very feminine. And the belt clasping the hat together is very playful and fun. This hat would go great with a trench coat and a pair of high heel boots. I definitely recommend purchasing this adorable wool hat!

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Lightweight Ikat Scarf

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on July 20, 2009


The Lightweight Ikat Scarf from Gap is a great scarf for the summer time. It’s good for summer because it is lightweight, which is perfect, because then we can look fashionable without boiling up! This scarf comes in four different colors: purple, green, yellow, and navy. The design is very simple, but could pull together any outfit. For example, it would look great with a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans, a basic white t-shirt, and some gladiator sandals. This outfit makes you look very relaxed and is great for summer. This is a great accessory to have.

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Chiffon blooms ribbon necklace

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on June 23, 2009


The Chiffon blooms ribbon necklace from Ruche is very high fashion and perfect for summertime. This necklace is very stylish and it looks like it could be found on the runway. The color of the necklace and the fact that it is supposed to be blooming makes it perfect for the summertime. This necklace would look great with a simple shirt and shorts. It would tie together the whole outfit. This necklace is a great accessory to have.

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Hair Accessories

Posted in Accessories by xojesssxo29 on June 16, 2009

Forever 21

One thing that everyone could use a little more often is headbands and hair accessories, especially big and bright ones. Headbands and hair accessories are great because they are usually inexpensive and very cute! Not too long ago, I bought a black headband with a huge bow on the side from H & M. I wear it around all the time just like I would with a normal hairband. Hair accessories are being used more and more on the runways. Large hair accessories are in-style these days, and I encourage you to go out and buy some because they are cheap and cute! You can find them at Forever 21, H & M, and a lot of other cheap/fashionable places.