Fashion Update

Embossed Metal Minaudiere

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 23, 2010

The Embossed Metal Minaudiere from BCBG is a very high fashion clutch. Many prominent fashion designers have designed a clutch like this, but the one from BCBG is one of my favorites. The shiny silver color and texture of the clutch make it pop. You could spice up a simple outfit with this clutch and some shiny bling. Or you could wear something bright and crazy and pair with this fashion forward clutch. This clutch is so versatile and fashionable!

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Tote Bags

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on June 10, 2010


TOTE TOTE TOTE TOTE TOTE! As you can see, tote bags are in for this summer! Any kind of big bag with buckles and zippers and accessories is great for this summer. These days, people carry a lot of junk around. So why not carry around your stuff in something big and stylish? Why not make a statement? Light colored totes such as beige, light yellows, oranges, greens, blues, browns or anything else you can think of are great for the summer. The tote bag shown above from is from Urban Outfitters. It’s great because it truly is a huge bag, it has a ton of zippers, buckles, belts, and accessories that make it stylish and perfect for summer. If you don’t have a tote, you need to get one for summer 2010!

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Deena & Ozzy Door Knocker Purse

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 23, 2009


The Deena & Ozzy Door Knocker Purse from Urban Outfitters is such an adorable and high fashion bag. I absolutely love the chain on the purse and the door knocker. Long strap purses are very in style, and this one happens to have a long strap. This is a great purse and would look good with pretty much any outfit because it is black, and black matches with almost everything. I have a purse just like this in brown and I use it all the time. This purse is adorable and small, so you don’t have to drag around a huge tote bag. I highly recommend this bag.

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Canvas boardwalk oversize tote

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on June 23, 2009


The Canvas boardwalk oversize tote is always a great bag to have. It comes in two colors: white and navy blue. This bag is great because it is big and can fit a lot of “stuff” in it. This bag is especially great for going to the beach with because you can pack a towel, sunscreen, and a snack in there. This tote is just a great bag to have just in case you need it. It is also very good looking. You can get this bag at J. Crew.

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Kristie Handbag in Cognac from Lulu’s

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on September 1, 2008

This suede handbag from Lulu’s is absolutely adorable. The color and material of the purse makes it look very Indian-like and bohemian. This bag would look great with a high waisted skirt, gladiator sandals, a plain blouse, and some wayfarer sunglasses. You will look like a celeb with an outfit like that. You can purchase this handbag at Lulu’s.

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Forever 21 Car Canvas Tote Bag

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 25, 2008
This car canvas tote bag is a super cute and stylish bag. It comes in a cream color and pink. This bag looks really vintage even though it isn’t. The bag gives off the vibe of a hippie, which is very high fashion this season. This bag would go great with a summer dress, gladiators, wayfarers, and a forehead headband. Purchase this tote at Forever 21.

Metallic-Leather Uptown Tote – J. Crew

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 20, 2008

This tote from J. Crew is perfect for any stylin’ event. Go to a night club with this bag and you will be the disco ball in the party. Go to the beach and be the one who everyone has their eyes on. This shiny and large bag is great because it can hold many items and is also very high fashion. Get this bag at J. Crew.

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Ralph Lauren Handbag

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 18, 2008

Ralph Lauren handbags are really in-style right now, especially cylinder shaped ones. They are really cute and would go great at a party or even just a movie with the boyfriend.  It is so adorable and high fashion. This purse comes in white and black. Purchase it at Ralph Lauren.

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Forever 21 Bohemian Bag

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on July 8, 2008

Right now, bohemian bags are really in-style. They go well with a floral dress, bracelets, gladiator sandals, and wayfarer sunglasses. This bag gives off a really relaxed and beach bum vibe. They look really good in leather with long straps. You can get this bad at Forever 21.

Tahitiennes Handbag

Posted in bags by xojesssxo29 on June 30, 2008

This Louis Vuitton bag is called the ‘Tahitiennes Handbag’. This bag is way different from the usual brown Louis Vuitton bag. They have branched out a bit and made a more colorful bag. This bag looks like a child drew on the LV and the other designs on the bag. It is so cute and high fashion, I would kill for this. It is very expensive, but since it is so amazing, you should save up some money and ask your parents for it for your birthday or Christmas. It is just too adorable!