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Activewear from Forever 21

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Everyone needs activewear to work out in or to just wear around the house. Forever 21 has some really cute sports bras, tank tops, athletic shorts and workout pants. They have a bunch of different colors and styles of everything. I’m sure you can find something you like here. Also, you can get this activewear at a really low price! If you’re in need of some new sports wear, check out Forever 21!

Denim Vests

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Denim vests might not be as popular as other clothes, but they definitely are in-style. Vests are great to wear over bathing suits to the beach paired with some shorts. They also might look cute with a summer dress paired with some cute sandals. Denim vests are especially fashionable if the vest is ripped and distressed. You can add pins, bows, and buttons to make the vest fit your style. This stylish denim vest is from Victoria’s Secret.

Nylon Tricot Maillot-V Swimsuit

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What kind of bathing suits are in this summer, you ask? Well I have the answer for you. One-pieces (that wasn’t what you were thinking right?) However, this summer’s one pieces are fun, flirtatious, sexy, and cute! This particular one-piece from American Apparel features a very low v-neck and an open back. This bathing suit comes in many different colors and is perfect for the beach or poolside! One-pieces that are revealing, but not too revealing are great for summer 2010 (and hopefully more summers to come because they are adorable!). If you don’t like the ones they sell at American Apparel, check out any other store like Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal, or Macy’s; I guarantee¬†you they will have a cute one-piece.

Wool Floppy Hat

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The Wool Floppy Hat from American Apparel is such an adorable hat for summer! This hat is so simple, yet so fashionable! Since these hats are very simple, they will look great with a ton of outfits! They will look good with a maxi dress, a shirt paired with a high waist short or skirt, jeans and a tee, or a floral summer dress! This hat is so versatile and looks great with so many different items of clothing! Another plus about this hat is that the brim is very large and protects you from the sun! I definitely recommend this adorable hat from American Apparel.

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Photo 142Picture 1 is a great sight for all fashion lovers! is a place to express your own personal style. This is how it works. You put on an outfit from your closet that you really love, or just your fashionable work clothes, and get someone to take a editorial/high fashion picture of you. You then upload the image to your computer, edit it on lookbook, and then publish it so everyone can see your great style! You can comment on other people’s photos. There’s a bunch of cool things you can do on this site. The picture on the left is actually a picture of me that I posted onto lookbook! I have my own account and I absolutely love the website.

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The Patterned Polyester Spandex Malibu Swimsuit

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Once again, you see florals. I can’t tell you how much florals are in style. The florals are great on this one piece because there are not many high fashion, vintage looking bathing suits around town. Instead of wearing a revealing bikini, try this adorable floral bathing suit from American Apparel. It’s called the Patterned Polyester Spandex Malibu Swimsuit. I am definitely going to buy this swimsuit because it is very stylish. Throw on a pair of high waisted jean shorts, some sunglasses, and some adorable sandals with this bathing suit, and you have got yourself a great and fashionable outfit! This is a perfect outfit for the beach, or you could also wear it around as a normal outfit. This is a great bathing suit to have.

Heels paired with socks

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What’s in style you ask? Heels and socks. It may not be the most normal combination, but it is definitely high fashion. You will see bright colored socks paired with different heels on runways. This is a very distinctive look and it is in style right now. Heels and socks usually look best paired with a dress as you can see in the picture above. You style the socks by scrunching them up and not pulling them as high as they can go. You can purchase these socks at Forever 21.

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Polyvore is an amazing website where you can explore your creativity. You have to make an account to be a member of Polyvore. Polyvore is a website where you can create your own styles and outfits from real clothes that are given to you on the website. You can put together any combination of clothes and accessories that you would like. If you really like a set that you make, the name of the item, the place where the item is located, and the price of the item are all listed next to the product. You can make friends on Polyvore and see what styles they are making. You can comment on their sets and say what you like about them. I have a Polyvore account myself and make a set almost everyday. It is a great way to get in touch with style.

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Aristocrat Long Sweater Vest in Violet from Lulu’s

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Aristocrat Long Sweater Vest in Violet

This sweater vest from Lulu’s is totally high fashion. This vest is very simple and plain and can go with almost any outfit. It would look great with a pair of shorts, a v-neck, converse, and wayfarers. This outfit would be in the category of Retro. This could also go over a knee length or shorter white dress. This sweater vest can tone things down, like a fancy dress. Purchase this in-style vest at Lulu’s.

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