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Activewear from Forever 21

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Everyone needs activewear to work out in or to just wear around the house. Forever 21 has some really cute sports bras, tank tops, athletic shorts and workout pants. They have a bunch of different colors and styles of everything. I’m sure you can find something you like here. Also, you can get this activewear at a really low price! If you’re in need of some new sports wear, check out Forever 21!


Thistlepearl Tulle Dress from Urban Outfitters

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The Thistlepearl Tulle Dress from Urban Outfitters from Urban Outfitters is the perfect summer dress. This sheer tulle dress is very feminine and classy. It would work great as a cover up over a bathing suit. You could also put a slip under it and you could wear it to a beach party. This dress would look great with some high wedges, a long necklace, and some bracelets. You have to get this stylish dress for this summer! (Comes with a ribbon sash belt and satin slip)

Kimchi Blue Mix Fabric Crepe Jacket from Urban Outfitters

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The Kimchi Blue Mix Fabric Crepe Jacket from Urban Outfitters is a lightweight jacket perfect for summer. The black jacket is perfect for the night time and the creme color works in the day. This loose and flowy jacket would look great with almost any outfit: jeans, a dress, a skirt, or shorts. Loose jackets like these are perfect for summer because they are not too hot, but keep you warm. I definitely recommend purchasing this trendy jacket this summer.

Electric ikat silk dress from Madewell

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The Electric ikat silk dress from Madewell is such a trendy summer dress. The vibrant and bold colors scream summer. This summer dress can be worn during the day or night. Pair it with a belt, sandals and a fedora and you’re ready to hit the beach. Pair it with a blazer and some classy jewelry and you’re ready for a party. Either way, this dress definitely makes a positive fashion statement. This dress is great because it can be worn many times, day and night. I definitely recommend getting this dress from Madewell today!

Color-code tee from Madewell

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This summer, you better go bold or go home. Bold, simple, and basic shirts are definitely popular this summer. When you have such a trendy shirt, you can wear a basic pair of shorts or pants since your shirt is doing all of the talking. This exact shirt design from Madewell comes in blacktop and graphite. Also, notice how the shirt isn’t tight on the model. Shirts like these are supposed to be breezy and airy. Shirts that are too tight that aren’t meant to be is definitely a fashion no-no. Check out the Color-code tee from Madewell and more like it!

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Classic pavé link bracelet from J. Crew

Posted in Accessories, jewelry by xojesssxo29 on June 11, 2011

The Classic pavé link bracelet from J. Crew is a very elegant and trendy bracelet. Simple and bold jewelry is definitely popular right now. This bracelet alone would look great with a simple pair of jeans and a clean blouse. In fashion, sometimes simple is better. I love how this bracelet links. It is very shiny and sparkly and will definitely stand out with any outfit. I definitely recommend purchasing a bold piece of jewelry this summer, like this.

Silk peplum blouse from J. Crew

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on June 11, 2011

The Silk peplum blouse from J. Crew is a basic, yet fashion forward blouse. Simple shirts and blouses are great to always have around. If you are in a hurry and need a casual outfit, this blouse and a pair of jeans with heels would look great. I definitely recommend having at least one, if not more, of this kind of blouse in your wardrobe. This blouse comes in olive tree, muslin, vivid poppy, and navy. Check out J. Crew for more information.

Vibrant Maxi Dress from Forever 21

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As you probably know, maxi dresses are the clothing item to get for this summer. Although some dresses may be expensive, there is another option. Forever 21 has a ton of different styles and colors of maxi dresses that are just as stylish as any other dress, but for so much less! Forever 21 has so many dresses that are just as trendy as a $150 dress for only $15! I definitely recommend you check out Forever 21 for some affordable, but stylish maxi dresses.

Silk maxidress from Madewell

Posted in Dresses by xojesssxo29 on June 10, 2011

The Silk maxidress from Madewell is a simple black flowy dress. Dresses like these are a must have during summer. If it looks like you have nothing to wear but don’t want to be too casual or too fancy, this is the dress for you. This simple dress is the kind of outfit you dress up with jewelry. It can be perfect for a beach party or even just shopping. It would look great with a necklace, some bracelets, a belt, a big tote bag, sunglasses, and some strappy sandals or wedges. You need to have one of these dresses to survive this summer ladies!

Wild woodblock dress from Madewell

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The Wild woodblock dress from Madewell is definitely the type of dress you want to be looking for this summer. Its bold pattern and simple colors are very trendy. The length is perfect for a daytime event. This dress would look great with a pair of strappy sandals or even some wedges. In fashion, sometimes the simpler, the better, and in this case, that is true!