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Cooperative Tie-Back Top from Urban Outfitters

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on June 9, 2011

The Cooperative Tie-Back Top from Urban Outfitters is the perfect top for summer. It’s bright and bold colors can catch anyones attention. It is loose, flowy and open, perfect for the scorching summer weather. The open back tops are very popular these days. This top would look great with a pair of jean shorts, sandals or wedges, and some sunglasses. This stylish top is a must-have for this summer.

BDG Striped Crop Pocket Tank

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on August 4, 2009


The BDG Striped Crop Pocket Tank from Urban Outfitters is very in style right now. The stripes are very simple and look great with almost any type of basic pants or skirts. I love the big stripes and the small stripes too! The large stripe and small stripe tanks would both look good with either a high waist skirt, high waist shorts, or even a simple pair of jeans. I highly recommend this shirt because it is very simple and looks great with a lot of things.

Debbie Harry Blondie Tank

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on July 6, 2009


The Debbie Harry Blondie Tank from Forever 21 is a great tank top. Right now, it is in-style to wear shirts with pictures on them, or shirts with people on them in black and white. This is an especially great top to have because it is versatile and can be worn in many different ways. It would look great over a pair of skinny jeans, or tucked into a high-waist skirt, or tucked into high-waist jeans, and many other ways. Another plus about this shirt is that it is a steal. I highly recommend this type of shirt. You can also purchase a shirt like this at American Apparel and find more at Forever 21!

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Victorian floral ruffle tank top

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on June 23, 2009


The Victorian floral ruffle tank top is a great shirt from Ruche. Ruffles and flowers are great for summertime. The bright colors on the shirt go just with the season. This shirt would work great for a casual lunch or a formal party. This tank top is so adorable and would look good with a high waisted skirt and a pair of sandals, or a pair of shorts and some flats. This is a beautiful shirt from Ruche.

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Unisex Big Tank from American Apparel

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on August 28, 2008

This big tank top from American Apparel is totally in-style. This tee is so great because it comes in tons of different colors and can be worn in so many different ways. It can be worn as a tunic with a belt around it and with leggings. It can be worn as a tucked in shirt with a high waisted skirt or shorts. Purchase at American Apparel.

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Velvet Trim Racer Back Top from Wet Seal

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on August 19, 2008

This tank top from Lulu’s is so stylish. Florals are very in-style right now. You can wear this tank under a long sleeved colored shirt, and also put on a high waisted skirt. You would look so high fashion wearing that. This floral top will spice up any ordinary outfit. This top would also be great with just a high waisted skirt over it. This tank is so adorable. You can purchase it at Wet Seal. Comes in┬ámore colors. ONLY $7.99!

OmniPeace Tank Top – Kitson

Posted in Tops by xojesssxo29 on July 19, 2008

The OmniPeace tank top from Kitson is the number one shirt to get on most people’s list. First of all this tank top is so adorable, and second, it is helping end extreme poverty. The 2025 on the bottom of the tank is the year that the organization wants to end poverty. So help the world and make a statement by getting the OmniPeace tank at Kitson.

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