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Forever 21 Floral Mesh Leggings

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on June 16, 2009

Forever 21

These Forever 21 Floral Mesh Leggings are great lightweight leggings for the summertime; however, they can be used throughout all the seasons. These leggings are very high fashion because of the floral pattern and the transparency. The leggings come in black and grey and look great with a lot of outfits. They can be worn with a casual dress and some tennies, like in the picture above. They cam also be worn under a pair of shorts or a skirt and would look great. This is a great buy. I highly recommend these leggings.

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Two-Sided Legging

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on June 3, 2009

American Apparel

The Two-Sided Legging from American Apparel has a retro look. The leggings look best worn alone, high waisted with a shirt that ties or a crop tee. This is a very fashionable look and is in style today. The leggings could also be worn under a long shirt or just with a regular shirt. The leggings can be worn with a pair of bright shoes or dark shoes, whatever you like. The leggings come in two colors: Black/Deep Pink and Black/Light Aqua.

Members Only Rubber Leggings from Urban Outfitters

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on August 20, 2008

These rubber leggings from Urban Outfitters are on the top of the fashion list. They are very shiny and sleek, making them stand out more than a regular legging or jean would. Stars like Rihanna and Anne Hathaway frequently wear rubber leggings. These leggings fall in the category of rocker/chic. They look great with boots, a leather jacket, and a black tank top, as seen in the picture of Rihanna. Wearing that outfit, you will definitely look like a celeb. Purchase at Urban Outfitters.

Wet Seal Neon Footless Tights

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on July 30, 2008

Black tights are cute to wear, but neon tights are even better. They are really bright and extremely noticeable. They can be seen from a block away. These kinds of tights are adorable and comfortable. They come in many different colors; pink, orange, green, blue, and purple. They are totally high fashion and would make any outfit brighter. Purchase these awesome neon tights at Wet Seal.

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Banana Republic Argyle Trouser Sock

Posted in tights, Uncategorized by xojesssxo29 on July 28, 2008

Plaid socks are so adorable and great for autumn. These are great socks to wear to school in the fall. They look so cute when you pull the sock higher than the boot so you can see the sock under the boot. They would look great with any boot. Pair these socks with boots, a knee length skirt, a long sleeved shirt and you are set for school. Purchase these super cute socks at Banana Republic.

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Forever 21 Fashion Tights

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on July 25, 2008

Colorful tights are really in-style right now. They are really bright and have a ‘look at me’ statement. These tights come in tons of different colors; pink, blue, yellow, red, white, black, brown, and gray. They would go great under a high-top skirt with some high heels. They brighten up your outfit and are great for parties. Even if it is not your party, you will be the center of attention! Purchase these bright tights at Forever 21.

American Apparel Leggings

Posted in tights, Uncategorized by xojesssxo29 on July 6, 2008

Instead of wearing plain old black leggings, get the bright and colorful American Apparel leggings. They come in tons of different colors and are really cute under a tunic. They have colors from purple to gold. You can buy them on-line at or go to the website and find the nearest store to your home.

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Patterned Tights

Posted in tights by xojesssxo29 on July 3, 2008

For this next fall season, you need to purchase some plaid patterned tights. They are really cute and would go well under a skirt with some heels. These tights are really feminine and show a girlier side to you. Tights like these would go really well with a pair of plain colored flats and a little mini dress. These tights are on a lot of runway shows and are really high fashion. Find tights like these at Dolce and Gabbana.

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